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Depression & Anxiety


Depression and anxiety are perhaps the most common and deeply unsettling states of being for many of us.  Both can deprive us of clarity, peace, and purpose. Through patience and courageous exploration, we can cultivate motivation, perspective, and joy for a more meaningful life.

Trauma & PTSD


Anxiety, anger, fear, and hopelessness are but a few of the symptoms that sometimes linger after traumatic events. Together, we can learn to identify your particular triggers and develop a personalized strategy for healing. 




Many of us have spent our lives conforming to the expectations of others, afraid to assert our innermost needs and feelings.  Using a range of interventions thoughtfully tailored to your individual preferences, needs, and self-expression,  you can finally begin to move toward a deeper understanding of self.  Begin to imagine what it might look like to live a life you can proudly claim as your own.

this is vivacity counseling.


The Practice

My training and experience enable me to offer effective individualized psychotherapy.  Using Cognitive Behavioral, Existential, Narrative, DBT, EMDR, Experiential, and Person Centered methods, I provide services for a number of mental health needs in an affirming environment wherein you can explore, grow, and become your most authentic self. 


My Patient Promise

As one who celebrates diversity, I am committed to seeing you with unconditional positive regard, recognizing your unique and evolving individuality.  My goal is to help you know and love the person you are.

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